Fos Melog, the Overbeing of Champions, has carefully watched over a primitive species on a far off blue and green planet. Ever since they achieved sentience, these ever-so-clever “Hu-Mans” have been a source of surprise, pleasure, and entertainment.

At least that’s how it started. Sadly, the more recent years have shown a darker side of these “Hu-Mans.” They are selfish, lack honour, and are a predictable annoyance. How can such a once-noble species fall so low? How could Melog have been so wrong? This angers the Overbeing.

Lo, their thread for redemption is nigh. These puny “Hu-Mans” will face a trial, and should a champion arise, they will be forgiven. And lo, the Overbeing declared that “Hu-Mans” must prove their worth in the most sophisticated form of combat…

… Golem Combat!

Each Golem is unique with its own abilities, strengths, and strategies. Participants in these competitions must maneuver their Golem in battle against the other,s unable to leave until defeat. In the end, victory will bring glory, but will that be enough to be a Champion?

Will you be able to surprise, please, and entertain Fos Melog? Will you be able to save your planet from destruction? … Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention your Planet was at stake. Maybe I should have started with that...

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